Automated Eligibility and Benefits Verification

What is Eligibility & Benefits Verification?

Eligibility and Benefits verification plays a key role in the revenue collection for the Healthcare Providers. Healthcare Providers can preempt any potential issues with the patient’s insurance plan and coverage for the services rendered.

Signature issues with lack of Eligibility and Benefits verification process include:

Our Solution

We leverage next-generation technologies like cloud computing, AI, and Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning (ML) to proactively ensure that the patient is eligible and has the coverage for the services to be rendered by the provider.

We leverage ML to capture the insurance information using with OCR technology to digitize the insurance card information and seamlessly use the digitized patient insurance information to verify the Eligibility and Verification real-time. It ensures the timely eligibility determination in an automated manner.


Benefits of automated Eligibility and Benefits verification

  • Speed to cash
  • Increased claim accuracy rates and decreased denial rates
  • Stay HIPAA compliant
  • Eliminate dependency on human intervention
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