What is Contracting?

To get maximize the payments from the Payer, it is important for the Providers and Diagnostic Labs to get into the contracting with Payers. Contracting with the Payers will help the Providers and Diagnostic Labs negotiate better rates and competitive terms. The negotiated reimbursement rates with the payers will have significant impact on the net revenues for the practice and health cash flow.

Signature issues with lack of contracting process include:

Our Solution

Our proven data-driven contracting solution helps the Provider practices and Diagnostic Labs to stay compliant with the HIPAA, state and federal regulations and proactively address the challenges related to revenue leakage by leveraging Revenue Cycle Analytics capabilities.

Our end-to-end process includes:

  • Onboarding and review of existing contracts
  • Address any gaps using innovative technologies including negotiating new contracts
  • Manage and monitor the elements of the contracts
  • Continues improvement and focus on increased revenues


  • Leverage innovative technologies like AI, OCR etc. to simplify the contracts
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights driven approach provides easy access critical contractual data elements for favorable contract negotiations
  • Reduced contracting time
  • Stay compliant with the HIPAA, state and federal regulations
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