Billing Services

Billing Services is the competency that works with payers and patients to get reimbursement for the healthcare services rendered by the Provider practice and Diagnostic Labs. The competency manages the end-to-end claims processing and reimbursement including follow- ups and Accounts Receivable management.

Signature issues with lack of effective Billing Services include:

Our Solution

We offer exemplary AI driven billing solution leveraging industry standard leading practices tightly coupled with insights driven Billing Platform, Revenue Cycle Advanced Analytics & interactive Dashboard s, Payment Forecasts, Auto-reconciliation of EOB and ERA posting into the Accounting System.

We leverage Cloud technologies including AI/ML, Robotic Process Automation and integrated workflow to streamline the end-to-end billing processes throughout the payment journey.


  • Significant reduction in claims processing timeline
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Medical staff can focus on their core tasks
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Predictable cash flow for the practice
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