Claims Scrubbing

What is Claim Scrubbing?

Data accuracy and completeness is key to avoid payment delays for the Provider practices and Diagnostic Labs. Claim scrubbing process proactively performs data verification and eliminates the coding errors on the claims before the submission to the Payers.

Automation of the claim scrubbing eliminates the risk of human errors and increases the accuracy of the claims.

Signature issues with lack of claim scrubbing/medical coding process include:

Our Solution

Our AI based claim scrubbing solution helps our clients submit the clean claims. We leverage the Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and industry standard knowledgebase to auto-edit and enrich the claims before submission. It includes auto-edit of the key data elements like patient demographics, provider information, payer information, procedure, and diagnosis codes, visit information etc.

Our R&D team ensures that ever changing industry regulations are seamlessly integrated in our industry standard knowledgebase on an ongoing basis.


  • Significant cost avoidance/savings by reducing the operational costs and staff time
  • Increased cash flow
  • Improved Patient and Payer satisfaction
  • 100% clean claim submission rate
  • Comply with healthcare industry regulations
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