Payment Posting/ Reconciliation

What is Payment Posting ?

Payment posting is critical process in the Revenue Cycle Management. Providers and Diagnostic Labs receive their ERAs and EOBs along with the reimbursement checks and direct deposits and the payments from the patients.

Payment posting process ensures that the ERAs and EOBs are posted and reconciled against the claim. The process also handles the patient payments, adjustments, and write-offs.

Signature issues with lack of robust payment posting process include:

Our Solution

We extensively leverage AI/ML, OCR, and workflow capabilities to automate the payment and remittance processes. ERAs are matched and auto reconciled and posted. The solution leverages our OCR technology and workflow to convert the paper EOBs into digital payment and remittance enabling streamlined and efficient payment posting processes.


  • Eliminate manual processes to post paper EOB remittances
  • Automate the ERA and EOB payment posting
  • Significant cost and time saving
  • Faster processing and higher efficiency leading into increased patient satisfaction
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