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Financial Services

Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping Corporate demands have changed dramatically with the times, and the business environment has gotten much more difficult. These days, the majority of businesses prefer to outsource their accounting needs to knowledgeable outsourcing organizations in order to save money and important time. Your final goal can be effectively and efficiently advanced by an outsourced partner like Intelligent HealthTech. Additionally, we think that the finest accounting services should be offered at the lowest possible cost to free up your time to concentrate on developing the core of your company.

Payroll Processing

End-to-end accounting solutions for businesses like yours

Whether small or big, a start-up or an established multinational organisation, all businesses today require comprehensive end to end accounting services. A dynamic accounting landscape, the onset of IFRS and other global standards have made it essential for every business to record its financial transactions accurately.

In addition to merely maintaining accounts, businesses today are required to undertake several other activities such as compliance (filing tax returns, social security returns etc.), controlling its payables and receivables, performing various reconciliations, accruals etc. In this backdrop, it becomes necessary to avail specialised services of Intelligent HealthTech. Our team of expert professionals manage your accounting and compliance requirements with minimal supervision allowing you and your team to concentrate on core business activities.

Turbo charge your accounts payable process

In today’s fast paced automated environment, business world over are required to do more and more with less. This being the case, business are required to optimise its cash and free up working capital to the greatest possible extent. Having working capital in hand will add liquidity to your business thereby enabling smoother processes within the organization and enhanced services. One of the most important strategies to be put in place to free up working capital in any business is to have a robust accounts payable process in place.

Prodat’s accounts payable automation software, Gravity, is a multi dimensional product that is incorporated with cloud, collaboration and mobility that will extent endless support to your invoice handling process. Early payment discounts and upfront benefits from an improved cash management are just some of the benefits that Gravity will give to your organisation. Implement Gravity now to streamline invoice approval process and gain visibility to your future money requirements.


Choose Intelligent HealthTech services to get the best paperless accounting and bookkeeping solutions. You can select from our extensive menu of accounting services in accordance with your specific needs.

Medical Office Accounting

Health Care Financial


Bookkeeping Services

Government Agencies Review Representation

Medical Practice Payroll

Medical Billing Service

Tax Accounting Service

Preparing Financial Statements

What Intelligent HealthTech offers?

  • With Intelligent HealthTech’s fully automated payroll system, you can put an immediate stop to the laborious processing of salaries and payments.
  • Automate and simplify payments for overtime, loans, advances, and other types of compensation.
  • Now we're in charge of handling your payroll. Give your staff your full attention as you concentrate more on your strengths and the reasons why clients choose you. Our staff members are well-versed in the regulations governing employee payments, social security contributions, and other aspects of payroll taxation.
  • Our systems are properly set up to look for issues like missed payments, social security deductions, additional pay, bonus computations, etc.
  • Make sure all regulations are followed without any delays or backlogs.
  • Create recurring payroll reports based on your requirements or choose from our library of predesigned reports.

Automated Accounts Receivables (AR)

Solutions for Healthcare Accounts Receivables (AR)


Intelligent HealthTech can help keep your patient balances accurate and prevent needless adjustments and refunds by automating payment and remittance reconciliation prior to posting. Your firm can scale using Intelligent HealthTech to facilitate growth and minimize system conversion problems. The Intelligent HealthTech technology interacts with all revenue systems, and implementation is simple. Healthcare providers continue to struggle with a convoluted reconciliation and posting process, which is frequently brought on by the industry’s vast range of payment and remittance forms. A surveillance strategy to monitor payer enrollments and the use of automated reconciliation technologies are essential for reducing your overall cost of collection and enhancing cash flow, especially in light of the rising number of health plan modifications.

The entire receivables posting and reconciliation process is automated using Intelligent HealthTech. Utilizing the Intelligent HealthTech’s network is the first step in the service to guarantee that your company is receiving automated information from your payers (removing the paper). By integrating Intelligent HealthTech’s technology, your revenue system’s reconciliation and posting are streamlined through an exception-based workflow (s).

Automated Accounts Payables (AP)

Solutions for Healthcare Accounts Payable(AP)

The way healthcare providers handle supplier payments is evolving as a result of automated, computerized payments. Intelligent HealthTech can help revolutionize your AP department by cutting costs, delivering operating efficiency, and producing a different source of income with this new strategy.

Accounts payable and payment administration in the healthcare sector are being closely watched as the sector is under increasing financial pressure to control costs and provide top-notch patient care. By automating your supplier payments with Intelligent HealthTech, you may increase revenue prospects and make sure your company isn’t losing money. Our medical accounts payable solutions are compatible with your current accounting and ERP software.


Benefits of Intelligent HealthTech’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Various accounting services

A medical organization could need a range of accounting services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and payments, among others.

Accountants with experience and CPA

The team of accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs at Intelligent HealthTech is experienced and well-trained.

Respect for legal requirements

The protection of the client’s health and personal information is subject to stricter regulations under healthcare legislation.

Higher operational effectiveness

The medical team exhibits good work efficiency and never loses motivation because they are committed to carrying out their responsibilities.

Cost of services is less

Due to reductions in accountant wages and office expenses, outsourced accounting services for a medical office are much less expensive.

Best accounting services

Due to their extensive training and expertise, professional accountants who are dedicated to their field handle accounting chores in the best possible manner.

Minimize office expenses

Many firms may find it expensive to keep an accounting department due to its high cost. These expenditures can be cut by more than 40% with accounting outsourcing.



Business benefits

Your business can benefit from our accounts payable solutions by:

  • Our staff will work closely with your suppliers to enroll them in a monthly payment arrangement that we will develop that is profitable and sustainable
  • Give providers their preferred electronic payment option to provide a better payment experience
  • Generate monthly revenue shares without affecting the relationship you have with your bank
  • Complement current initiatives - a targeted surveillance strategy combined with a broader enrollment effort can generate more income opportunities while spending less
  • Increase cash flow by managing days cash on hand and increasing days payable outstanding
  • Eliminate paper checks and escheatment to cut cost
  • Increased understanding of payment trends Analyze your payment methods and compare them to national averages
  • Reduce the risk of fraud