Denial Management

What is Denial Management?

Denial Management is a strategic process to analyze the claims for denials, identify root cause and take corrective actions against identified issues and file appeals. Identify the denial trends and update the denial management processes to avoid the occurrence of the denials in future.

Signature issues with lack of Denial Management process include:

Our Solution

Our solution harnesses the AI, Machine Learning, Workflow and Advanced Analytics capabilities to minimize the denials. We leverage intelligent automations preempts any data discrepancy gaps during the clean claim submission process. The data-driven approach categorizes the denials by leveraging the Advanced Analytics capabilities and use Machine Learning to auto- correct and prioritize the follow-up and appeals activities.


  • Speed to cash
  • Insights into the denial trends, root causes and prevent denials in the future
  • Increased stakeholder satisfaction
  • Increased staff productivity
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